List: 5 online tools for writing and worldbuilding

Who has ever tried to write multidimensional characters and create whole new worlds and creatures knows the struggle of not coyping someone else’s work or coming up with good names.

Check out these great online tools for creating functional worlds.Click on the images to open the links.

List: 25 overused tropes

Tired Red Hair Eye Rings Girl Expressionless
Source: Creative Commons

If your main character corresponds to one or more of these clichés, like having a dead parent or a group of mean cheerleaders as antagonists, you may want to go back over your work.  These clichés are especially a thing in Young Adult and New Adult fiction, so if you write for that audience you may want to change things up a little.

Tutorial: Skills and abilities

River Attack Boxing Children Fight Martial Arts
Source: Creative Commons

Writing a character’s abilities and special skills without copying someone else’s work or without running out of good ideas can be stressful. This masterpost presents a vast list of abilities found in media, including everything from magical skills to classes and Martial Arts.

Test: Is your character a Mary Sue?

5433848812_b581fb2a2f_b twilight
Source: Creative Commons

Twilight’s Bella Swan is perhaps one of the most iconic Mary Sue characters in popular fiction. Writers tend to want to avoid the trope of the plain-yet-actually-beautiful heroine who is new in town and whom all the boys fall for, to name only a few Mary Sue traits. Take the test to find out if your character is a Mary Sue.

Tool: Name generator

Source: Creative Commons

Coming up with new names for characters, cities or creatures can become tiring. This name generator even lets you specify the ethnicity or nationality of the name, or create a new fantasy or mythological one.

Tutorial: Writing fantastic creatures

Dragon Broncefigur Thailand Golden Dragon
Source: Creative Commons

This is a tutorial to help you write and create fantastic creatures or alien species. In fact it is applicable to all sorts of genres and helps the writer avoid the usual tropes or copying already existing creatures.


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