List: 5 websites to publish original work and fan fictions

It is incredibly motivating to receive positive comments  on your own work. It is great fun to interact with readers who are genuinely interested in what you are writing, and it is rewarding to know that you just brightened up someone’s day by updating your story.

You don’t need to send in your manuscript to a publisher to finally get that feeling. There are many websites where you can post your work for free – either original work or fan fictions.

Click on the images to visit the sites.

snap fan
Screencap: WhisperWords.

This site has been founded in 1998. It has over 2 million registered users and hosts stories in more than 30 languages. It allows publishing fan fictions for nearly every popular franchise there is and it is a good way to start writing and get an audience. Readers on that site are very favourable when giving reviews.

snap cp
Screencap: WhisperWords.

This website has specialised in original short fiction for the horror literature genre. Some writers claim that their stories are true, some are obviously fiction – nevertheless, the stories are oftentimes completely unnerving and brilliant.

snap ao3
Screencap: WhisperWords.

This site was founded in 2008 and, like, hosts primarily fan fictions. It has an especially helpful tagging system that makes looking for particular stories or types of stories very easy. This site has more than 1 million registered users and here, too, readers are eager to interact with authors.

Source: Creative Commons.

This site was launched in 2006. It gives a platform to creators of fan fiction, original fiction, journalistic work and also a lot of poetry. More than 45 million people use Wattpad frequently. This is a great platform to especially get your original works to an audience and get a response from them. It also has a standalone app “After Dark”, aimed for users 17+.

Source: Creative Commons.

This site was created in 2000. It does not only provide a platform for fan fictions, but it is primarily a medium where artists upload their works, from photography to digital art to filmmaking. As of January 2017, the site had more than 26 million registered users. This site is not only a platform to publish your works, but also your art and it is easy to interact with readers, other authors and artists.


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