List: 5 Famous Writers and how often they got Rejected

Whoever has ever send in a manuscipt to a publisher and got the rejection letter knows the feeling of biting disappointment. But, many of the most famous writers were in the exact same position – and yet they made it eventually. Check out the list of famous writers whose works initally got rejected!

Stephen King

Many people who hear the name Stephen King immediately remember a certain horror clown and distinct childhood trauma caused by exactly that film adaption of King’s bestelling book It. However, King’s first novel was Carrie, published in 1974, after it got 30 rejections.

carrie pic
Stephen King’s Carrie also got three film adaptions, in 1976, 2002 and 2013. Source: Creative Commons.

Joanne K. Rowling

Joanne K. Rowling, creator of the incredibly popular and bestselling series Harry Potter probably never would’ve thought that her first book and the ones after would ever be so loved around the globe. Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was rejected twelve times.

467392575_d69eba5301_b hp
Good thing J.K. Rowling did not give up on publishing Harry Potter after she got so many rejections for the first book. Source: Creative Commons.

Frank Herbert

With the Dune series Frank Herbert created a milestone in the science fiction genre. To this day it remains one of the best-selling science fiction novels. The first instalment of Dune appeared in 1965, after Herbert received 20 rejections.

5191743106_feee9f6ca0_b dune
To this day Frank Herbert’s Dune captures science fiction fans around the world. Source: Creative Commons

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer’s first book Twilight created a whole wave of vampire fiction that appeared in the years after. The first book of the series sold 17 million copies worldwide – and was initially rejected 14 times.

8096547973_367546a4eb twilight
Opinions on these books differ brilliantly. However, it is undeniable that Twilight renewed the popularity of vampire fiction effectively. Source: Creative Commons.

Beatrix Potter

Many people grew up with Beatrix Potter’s Tale of Peter Rabbit, today it counts as a children’s classic. However, Peter Rabbit got rejected so many times that Potter eventually published it herself.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is still a children’s classic. Good thing Beatrix Potter was not discouraged after receiving rejection letter after rejection letter. Source: Creative Commons.

The moral of the story:

Do not give up. If you believe in your story, keep trying to get it out there.


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